Artsmouth is a curated online virtual art gallery that hosts exhibitions showcasing images from visual artists with strong links to Portsmouth UK working in any style or medium.

Artsmouth is created by a team of local designers in the knowledge that local art is a positive contributor to our city’s wellbeing and economy – from market stalls to factory walls, it is all too often underestimated just how much there is and just how good it is!

Artsmouth is all about the art – it is free to view and free to exhibit – we just ask you to pay a visit!

Supporting featured artists

If you like what you see on Artsmouth, please spread the word and share on your social media – and why not give the artists a ‘follow’ or a ‘like’ or leave a comment on their social media – It’s always appreciated!

Purchasing featured artworks

Artsmouth does not act as a seller on behalf of the artists – if you wish to buy artworks, please contact the relevant artists directly to arrange. They would love to hear from you!

Licensing featured artworks

Artsmouth does not hold any rights over the artworks, or the images of artworks exhibited, except the right to display them on our website and social media channels. The rights belong firmly to the artists featured, so for licensing and usage enquiries, please contact the relevant artists directly for permission.

Submitting your art for an Artsmouth Exhibition

Please see our Submit your artwork page