Carrie Swinburne:
Colour And Character

Treating us to a glorious splash of colour, Carrie Swinburne’s joy in creating her wonderful artwork is on display for all to see.

When Carrie brings together her collected materials and ideas, she certainly cheers us up as much as she inspires us!

A Sort Of Southsea by Carrie Swinburne
Blossom by Carrie Swinburne
Bold Nelson's Praise by Carrie Swinburne
Bubbles by Carrie Swinburne
Coffee Pot by Carrie Swinburne
Home With The Harpys by Carrie Swinburne
Ladybird Ladybird by Carrie Swinburne
Man In The Moon by Carrie Swinburne
The Ambridge Flower And Produce Show by Carrie Swinburne
The Citadel by Carrie Swinburne
Tree Of Life by Carrie Swinburne

We asked the artist…

How would you describe your work?
I am a mixed media artist. My work is packed with colour and character. My fairly unique style evolved over the past five years when I retired and discovered acrylic paints and an on-line art class. I enjoy working with different paints and mediums to discover what they all do.

What inspires you?
I think of all the subjects I paint, it’s my characters I enjoy the most. Imperfect colourful people often with slightly bizarre things popping into the work. I am a folk dancer, musician and player and often weave in songs. I invariably will change subject mid-work when something else emerges. I run collage workshops using this method in several venues.
I love meeting new people – many who’ve never tried anything artistic. My motto is, “there are no mistakes in my collage classes.”

What materials do you generally use?
Paper, paper and more paper! Fine tissue, decoupage paper, napkins and wonderful bookbinding papers. ‘Shepherds’ in London is a paper dream. I colour print my own chip wrapper paper with jelly plate, stencils and a brayer. I have a collection of glues and mediums with my absolute favourite matt gel. I usually work intuitively glueing down random things then finding a picture in it.
The finished work is better viewed in the flesh to be able to grasp the extent of the layers. I work on a variety of surfaces – wood being my favourite, or recycled photo canvas pictures that I find in charity shops.

What’s been your favourite project to work on so far?
I’ve had a few, but the greatest satisfaction and biggest step outside of my comfort zone was to design a painted archway with the help of a couple of other artists and a local calligrapher. It adorns the entrance lobby of Trinity Methodist church on Albert Road – my mum’s church. It consists of the fish of the sea, the heavens above and the tree of life.
I also produced a massive collage for an arts, dance and music project about the life of Ed McKenzie from Gosport, a stoker on the Terra Nova that took Scott to the Antarctic on his fated journey. My first big challenge – and it tours with the project.

What are you currently working on?
I got sidetracked by the lockdown and produced a series of small bright collages as a charity fund raiser, plus a piece for a project at Rowans Hospice. However, I’m now back onto characters again and ‘The Ambridge Flower and Produce Show’ is my most recent work.

Where can we find more of your work?
I have work in the Firemonkey art collective at Hotwalls art studios and have some smaller pieces and prints in The Beehive on Albert Road.
I am on Facebook as Floramora of Southsea and @floramorauk_art on Instagram.