Gerardo Silva:
Dreams And Visions

We think you will be amazed at this collection of exquisite dreamscapes by local painter Gerardo Silva, who explores alternative realities through his art.

We love Gerardo’s dedication to creating his visions in painstaking detail and we think it’s a pretty sparkling way to take us all through to the new year!

Aya Dreams by Gerardo Silva
Dream Music by Gerardo Silva
Eternal Conection Of Two Souls by Gerardo Silva
Flowering by Gerardo Silva
Levels Of Conciousness by Gerardo Silva
Eclipse by Gerardo Silva
Paradise by Gerardo Silva
Patterns Of Conciousness by Gerardo Silva
Plancton by Gerardo Silva
Souls Factory by Gerardo Silva
Unrooted by Gerardo Silva
Seduction by Gerardo Silva

We asked the artist…

How would you describe your work?
If I had to define my art I would say that it’s a dreamlike experience, but it also brings elements of the subconscious. Most people identify my art as “Psychedelic”, whilst others call it “Visionary” and also “Surreal”.

What inspires you?
I am the fifth son of a family of seven brothers. I grew up in the rural south-east of Uruguay bordering the south of Brazil on the Atlantic coast. My major inspiration comes from the unusual beauty of that part of the world, and my wild passion as a kid for discovering and understanding nature.
I remember spending evenings collecting fireflies and paddling in the sea late into the summer evenings, just to see the luminescent plankton on my feet and in the crashing waves.
I had a vivid imagination which often left my family worrying about my mental state – but not too much, due to the eccentricity that ran in the family! I also had a strong love of drawing, which was the beginning of my creative passion.
Another great inspiration in my life was the well known Uruguayan ceramicist Don Tomas Cacheiro. He lived the life of a hermit beside the river Cebollatí, and guided me to listen to the shapes of nature.
I am fascinated by rural legends, superstitions and local idiosyncrasies. Over the years I’ve formed my own magical realism and like to explore the possibility of other realities.

What materials do you generally use?
I work in many different mediums, but mostly acrylics – and I prefer to work on large scales pieces. I love to work on murals, but also on canvas and other surfaces.

Where can we find more of your work?
I post regularly on Instagram (@gerardosilva_art) plus you can follow what I’ve been up to on my Facebook page (GerardoArtist).

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