Group Exhibition:
Abstract Expressions

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to four fascinating local abstract painters, each exploring their own subjects with very different approaches.

We’ve brought Andrew, Matt, Tucapel and Eyra’s art together for a special exhibition, showing how artists can strive to visually bring to life the unseen, or the unknown.

Content (In Burnt Orange) by Andrew Foster
In One (Avishai Cohen) by Eyra Norman
Number 23 by Tucapel
Synthetic Evolution - Set 4 - Composition 1 by Matt O'Donovan
From Here I Can Almost See The Sea by Andrew Foster
The Lake by Tucapel
Synthetic Evolution - Set 4 - Composition 3 by Matt O'Donovan
Ablaze by Tucapel
Till The End Of Time (DeVotchka) by Eyra Norman
The Relationship by Andrew Foster
Synthetic Evolution - Set 4 - Composition 2 by Matt O'Donovan
Sometimes, I Am Purple by Eyra Norman

Featured artists…

Andrew Foster

Sometimes interesting movements come from dark places. My journey started with art as a reaction to a very low point in my life. I took up a job helping acclaimed artist My Dog Sighs in his studio and was inspired with his interest in my story and the world of art as a form of expression. As soon as I found the medium as a way to express mental health and the human condition I was like a sponge soaking up techniques, ideas and influences.

Street art was my beginning, putting out crude scribbles and ideas on the streets for the public to find. Using the pseudonym ‘Little Blue’ was liberating as it wasn’t linked to myself.

My abstract study has feeling and movement at its heart. Often not knowing what I’ll create at the approach of the canvas. I use multiple mediums to express urgency and energy. Abstract art was something I moved into after seeing works by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Jean-Michel Basquiat that fascinated me on a trip to the MOMA in New York.

I’ve always gravitated towards the fast and honest approach to creating art.

Instagram: @andrew.foster.artist

Matt O’Donovan

I would describe myself as a conceptual mixed media artist. My current work is abstract and non-representational. I want the viewer to engage with the surface level aesthetic qualities of these art works, yet there is also a deeper and more complex idea underpinning the work if people want to explore further.

Synthetic Evolution: “Methodologically modifying an environment or system to effect, explore and control change in emergent growth.”

Aim: Referencing the Fibonacci Sequence and Theo Van Doesburg’s Manifesto for concrete art as an aesthetical point of departure, this work explores the concept of emergence in relation to creator.

A series of distinct visual artworks/compositions are generated via a set of predefined systems and rules. The systems are modified incrementally throughout the series, allowing the creator to witness/effect change in the emergent artworks. This process is articulated through 15 compositions, that when displayed holistically and in sequence, become evidence of the “Synthetic Evolution”.



I’m an artist – and I’m a musician. I paint and draw and sculpt, and sometimes I sell my art and my music. I make all kinds of art, focussing on everything from vibrant abstract impressionism to sculptures. My main fields are painting and drawing.

Music and dreams and politics are all huge collaborators of influence. Refurbishing discarded unloved materials also plays a big part in my artwork.

I was born on a cold day in the UK – November 10th 1983, to an English mother and a Chilean father. I was named after a famous Chilean warrior and a famous Chilean poet, Tucapel-Pablo, though most know me as Tuci or Pablo and my artist name is “Pablo Not Picasso”. If you would like to purchase or commission a piece, feel free to get in touch.

Instagram: @talktotuci

Eyra Norman

I am a classical musician (opera singer) and a Douglas and Hilda Simmonds Scholar studying at the Royal College of Music in London, as well as an abstract painter who is heavily influenced by their own synesthesia.

My work is driven by my deep connection with sound and how I perceive it. Due to the nature of my synesthesia, I get very intricate colours and patterns that whirl through my mind, and I use acrylic and watercolour on paper or canvas to try and portray the motion and fluidity of how the sound evolves.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition that muddles up / partners the body’s senses: for me, my sense of sight and sense of hearing are muddled (chromesthesia). I also have misophonia and auditory-tactile synesthesia (sound and touch through temperature).

My aim with my work is to share how differently people can perceive sound whether it be a song, or even the sound of a plug switch being turned on. Each painting can take between an hour (if it is around A6) to even a few months to paint depending on the size and medium of the work, but due to the nature of the art, each painting is one of a kind.

I am open to commissions (in watercolour or acrylic) and can be contacted via my instagram. I’ll soon be selling prints, cards of my paintings and little sculpture / vase pieces online, so keep your eyes peeled!

Instagram: @eyrabydesign
Facebook: eyrabydesign

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