Michael Wright:
Reimagining The Past

There’s no better time to uncover this intriguing collection of natural landscapes with a difference, from award winning local painter Michael Wright.

We love how Michael dissects historical paintings as he searches for more modern connections, revealing a timeless beauty in the broken fragments.

Amalgamation by Michael Wright
Afterthought by Michael Wright
Arcadian Landscape by Michael Wright
Composition by Michael Wright
Excerpt by Michael Wright
Disquiet by Michael Wright
Interior by Michael Wright
Out Of The Blue by Michael Wright
Paradise Lost by Michael Wright
Sea Of Tranquillity by Michael Wright
The Pillars Of Creation by Michael Wright
Landscape Trees by Michael Wright

We asked the artist…

How would you describe your work?
My work is predominately landscape-based and examines the theme of originality in art alongside other themes such as historical painting, narratives within painting, line, perspective, colour and form.

What inspires you?
I am inspired largely by nature and how the artist through history has been influenced by the landscape around them. This interest has led to me looking through books, magazines and on the internet looking at countless images of historical paintings.
In addition to this I undertake many walks and visits to rural beauty spots all around the UK looking for a connection between the historical paintings of other artists and paintings/drawings of my own. The reason for doing this is to maintain the vital human connection we should all feel to the world around us that can inspire us to want to produce an artwork that communicates with a wider audience.

What materials do you generally use?
I use mainly oil on canvas or paper but my recent work has looked at how the use of industry has changed and interacted with the landscape so I have started to produce work using industrial materials such as industrial plaster and plasterboard.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?
I always enjoy what I am working on most currently, but my greatest achievement so far has been showing and selling my artwork at the Royal Academy Summer Show last year and winning the Best Emerging Artist Prize at the National Open Art Competition in 2015.

What are you currently working on?
My current work is re-creating elements of historical paintings on industrial plaster.

Where can we find more of your work?
More work and information can be found on my website: michaeljameswright.co.uk plus you can also find me on my instagram page @mjwartist, my facebook page, my Etsy page: michaelwrightartist and on my Saatchi online page.