Past Exhibitions

Here you’ll find all of our previous exhibitions. We thought we would archive them for anybody that missed them the first time around… Enjoy!

Steve Armon:
Cardboard Canvases

26th March – 8th April 2021

Frankie Brown:
Natural Cuts

12th March – 25th March 2021

Teresa Negus:
Living Landscapes

26th February – 11th March 2021

Russell Mark Olson:
Scenes And Shadows

12th February – 25th February 2021

Group Exhibition:
Abstract Expressions

29th January – 11th February 2021

Unic0rn Vomit:
A Curious Carnival

15th January – 28th January 2021

Vile Eight:
Wooden Heart

1st January – 14th January 2021

Gerardo Silva:
Dreams And Visions

18th December – 31st December 2020

Southsea Zoo:
Animal Magic

4th December – 17th December 2020

Roma-May Design:

20th November – 3rd December 2020

Caroline Hiron:
Patterns Of Nature

6th November – 19th November 2020

Maria Tilt:
I Am Alive

23rd October – 5th November 2020

Group Exhibition:
October 2020

9th October – 22nd October 2020

Michael Wright:
Reimagining The Past

25th September – 8th October 2020

Tom Sneade:
Conjuring Characters

11th September – 24th September 2020

Rotating Reality

28th August – 10th September 2020

Group Exhibition:
HSDC A-level Fine Art

14th August – 27th August 2020

Group Exhibition:
August 2020

31st July – 13th August 2020

Hannah Horn:
Balance Of Nature

17th July – 30th July 2020

Carrie Swinburne:
Colour And Character

3rd July – 16th July 2020

Daniel Yarker:
My view of Portsmouth

19th June – 2nd July 2020

Group Exhibition:
June 2020

5th June – 18th June 2020

Mark Kellett:
Between The Lines

22nd May – 4th June 2020

Steve Dodd:
Island City Views

8th May – 21st May 2020

James Mankiewicz:
Masks and Mysteries

24th April – 7th May 2020

Group Exhibition:
Launch Exhibition

10th April – 23rd April 2020