Roma-May Design:

Accomplished illustrator Roma-May Design invites us on a journey into her mystical and magical world.

Lose yourself in all of the details as ancient spirits from folklore are conjured before our eyes!

Growth by Roma-May Design
Waiting by Roma-May Design
You And I, In The Forest by Roma-May Design
Shaman by Roma-May Design
Sanctuary by Roma-May Design
Harvest by Roma-May Design
Autumnal Bees by Roma-May Design
Standing Stones by Roma-May Design
Earth Dragon by Roma-May Design
Toadstool by Roma-May Design
Dwelling by Roma-May Design
Pure As The Driven Snow by Roma-May Design

We asked the artist…

How would you describe your work?
I would describe my work as immersive little snapshots of characters, landscapes and textures that have a twist of fantasy and the occult. Detail and texture is my priority when I create work; I enjoy honing in on the finite elements and expanding them into a large scaler piece rich in curiosity. My work is mostly traditional illustration, although I enjoy working with textiles and sculpting in other elements of my work.

What inspires you?
My inspirations are the balance of decay, growth, nature, symbiosis and the esoteric, often combined in a melancholy way with imagery and inspiration from my dreams and literature. Folklore, mystery and fantasy are always embedded in my work, with a consistent reference to the natural and wild world.

What materials do you generally use?
My preferred materials are generally just good quality fine liner pens and decent textured heavyweight paper; my favourite illustrations are created with these mediums, however in the last year I have begun to create digital drawings and now also use an iPad and Apple Pencil to create illustrations too. I often use paint, clay and textile installation in my other work that isn’t illustration based, however am best known for my illustrative pieces.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?
It’s hard to narrow down a specific project as so many are interesting for different reasons. I really enjoy intricate personal commissions from clients who are looking for something specific with my stylistic twist; these can range massively but I often enjoy them a lot. Recently I have had commissions to create portraits of people with their “spirit animals/counterparts” and I really enjoyed these projects. I also enjoy the satisfaction and elements of pressure from working for commercial clients in branding projects, such as working for Nespresso or MISSONI. However, without fail my favourite project to date has been the planning and preparations for my solo exhibition at the beginning of this year, and cannot wait to host another when there’s some normality again.

What are you currently working on?
I am currently finishing off private commissions before Christmas, whilst working on some private gifts and personal projects I will release at the end of the year. I am constantly looking for the time to create new work to share, but am also currently using a lot of time to invest in my online shop and creating orders and prints for sale.

Where can we find more of your work?
You can find my page on Facebook under Roma May Design, on Instagram as @romamaydesign and also on Etsy as RomaMayDesign.

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