Tom Sneade:
Conjuring Characters

We have been really looking forward to this exhibition – a collection of stunning watercolour sketches from artist Tom Sneade.

Tom’s conjured scenes can feel deceptively real – with characters, light and movement all laid down with a masterful technique!

Fishing Boats by Tom Sneade
Window Shopping by Tom Sneade
Bicycle by Tom Sneade
Milton Park by Tom Sneade
Covid Cops by Tom Sneade
Kite by Tom Sneade
Youths by Tom Sneade
Balconies And Shutters by Tom Sneade
Moonlight by Tom Sneade
Clifftops by Tom Sneade
Pavement And Shadows by Tom Sneade
Market Street by Tom Sneade

We asked the artist…

How would you describe your work?
My art is spontaneous and from imagination. It is done in a loose, free style which (in my opinion) adds interest and feeling.

What inspires you?
More often than not, I have no idea of what is going to turn out – it sort of morphs on the page. My inspiration comes from everyday life.

What materials do you generally use?
All of my work is done in watercolour – I have been painting for two and a half years.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?
I like to think that my best painting will be the next one that I do!

Where can we find more of your work?
All of my paintings can be found on my Facebook page and on my Instagram.
I also have a website: where all the profits from any sales go directly to Cancer Research UK, in memory of my wife who I lost last summer.