Unic0rn Vomit:
A Curious Carnival

We are delighted to introduce you to a colourful cast of characters from a local artist known as Unic0rn Vomit.

Josie’s career as a tattooist has obviously influenced her cutesy cartoon imagery with a sassy attitude – we love her crazy and vibrant creativity!

Peace Or Victory by Unic0rn Vomit
Narwhal by Unic0rn Vomit
Happy Root Head by Unic0rn Vomit
Grumpy Root Head by Unic0rn Vomit
Urrrrgh by Unic0rn Vomit
What You Staring At by Unic0rn Vomit
Cocktail Party by Unic0rn Vomit
Hypnocat by Unic0rn Vomit
Breaking Free by Unic0rn Vomit
Fire Cat by Unic0rn Vomit

We asked the artist…

How would you describe your work?
Colourful, quirky and cartoony! I love colour and I love drawing characters. One of my earliest memories is redrawing Nickelodeon cartoons.

What inspires you?
Animation is a big influence on my work. I love it! From 2D to 3D to stop-motion, I’ve just never had the patience to do it myself.
I’m a big fan of looking at nature when I hit a creative block. Plants are so crazy and they have so much vibrancy to them.
I also look at a lot of tattoo flash as when we’re not in lockdown, I work as a tattoo artist!

What materials do you generally use?
I used to work with watercolour a lot but I’ve moved on to using brush pens, fineliners, marker pens and pencils. I’ve just discovered rag paper and I’m absolutely in love with the texture that it brings.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?
I did a series of watercolour paintings a few years ago based around mugs that I’d found in charity shops and different types of tea, which was a lot of fun.

What are you currently working on?
As I mentioned, I normally work as a tattoo artist and I’m just trying to keep myself busy by drawing up new flash designs. Plus I’m available for commission work which is fun as it takes me out of my comfort zone!

Where can we find more of your work?
You can find me on Instagram as @unic0rnvomit. I also have a website which is www.unic0rnvomit.com, and an online shop (unic0rnvomitart.etsy.com) where I sell prints and stickers!

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